Key people at Modus

Andrew Crockford

Andrew started his IT career developing games in his teens before graduating with a Computer Science honours degree. He then worked as a consultant and technical architect for System Integrators such as IBM, SHL (now EDS) and IT Workshop.  Before forming Modus Computing in 1996, he spent the majority of his time leading migration projects for banks and insurance companies in the City.

Having all the requisite experience in issues involved in remotely managing and automating systems, he identified areas of the desktop management market then being avoided by the main software vendors. This led to Modus’ first product: Intelligent Install.

By the year 2000, Andrew was joined by Richard to form Modus Interactive, with the aim of writing products that make desktop management much easier to achieve than with competitive products. Since then Modus has achieved success both with long term management of the desktop for small to medium companies, and large scale high volume migration projects.

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Richard Clayton

Richard Clayton is a founding member of Modus Interactive and has spent his entire career within the IT industry. After graduating from De Montfort University with a Computer Science degree, Richard worked for leading consultancy Logica CMG.

Richard then worked as an independent consultant for four years within the Government and a variety of large public companies, during which he developed a passion for improving the quality of software. This was the main driver for the formation of Modus Interactive in 2000 and his focus to this day remains on standing out from the crowd in terms of quality and customer service.

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Mark Taylor

Mark started his career in IT working in the insurance sector before moving into the systems integrator market. After carrying out senior consulting roles with companies such as SHL Systemshouse (now EDS), Mark moved to a 'start up' specialist consulting firm, I.T. Workshop (ITW). ITW's focus was on infrastructure and the benefits of managed desktop solutions for both SME's and Corporates alike.

As Techincal Director Mark stayed with ITW until its aqcuisition in 2001 by a large Microsoft consulting firm. Mark then worked for the new company in a role developing a team that created a service-based solution for managed desktop services for the corporate sector.

In 2005, Mark moved to Modus Interactive, where his time is split between business development, and assisting partners in managing large deployment projects.

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