Powerwise 2012 released

icon_news.gif News - 4th July 2012

Modus are pleased to announce today that the latest version of their award winning PC power management software Powerwise has been released.

Durban COP17 - end of the first week

icon_news.gif News - 2nd December 2011

So little time, so many issues. At this point in a COP it is generally difficult to tell if substantial progress is being made.

Durban Climate Change Summit kicks off

icon_news.gif News - 28th November 2011

The Durban Climate Summit will see ministers and diplomats from almost 200 countries gather to try and deliver progress towards an international climate change deal.

Green IT can give businesses the competitive edge

icon_news.gif News - 14th November 2011

Industry forum highlights the benefits of sustainability planning for an organisation, and how, even in times of austerity, the green agenda is even more important.

Green economy sacrificed as Osbourne plays up climate ambivalence

icon_news.gif News - 3rd October 2011

He may be playing to the gallery, but the Chancellor's anti-green rhetoric is still a blow to the low carbon economy.

New Guides offer firms free green advice

icon_news.gif News - 23rd September 2011

New website and energy saving guide urge firms not to ignore the benefits of energy efficiency.

UK law firms to advocate corporate carbon targets

icon_news.gif News - 23rd August 2011

Over 200 solicitors across the UK, including leading city law firms, agree to sign up to public emissions targets.

UK emissions flat-lining, warns climate committee

icon_news.gif News - 30th June 2011

Progress report says 'significant acceleration' in the pace of emissions reduction is needed to meet mandatory targets.

Businesses lagging behind government in adoption of carbon targets

icon_news.gif News - 15th June 2011

New Carbon Trust research shows only 59 per cent of FTSE 100 have clear, robust emission goals in place.

UK set to veto proposed EU levy on fuel emissions

icon_news.gif News - 13th April 2011

Plans to tax fuels by energy produced welcomed by green groups, but will require backing of all member states to become law

Powerwise education site license launched

icon_news.gif News - 1st March 2011

Modus launch a new site license version of their successful Powerwise product aimed specifically at schools.

Modus Support 10:10:10

icon_news.gifNews - 29th September 2010

As a company committed to 10:10, modus are pleased to announce that we are offering a special price on Powerwise to support the 10:10 day of doing.

Modus acquires Living Life Green

icon_news.gifNews - 12th April 2010

Modus today annouced that it has acquired long time business partner Living Life Green. The acquistion will bring huge benefits to both organisations.

One month and counting until CRC launch

icon_news.gifNews - 2nd March 2010

The government yesterday urged businesses to ensure they are ready for the introduction of its Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) energy efficiency scheme when it comes into effect at the start of next month.

Special offer for schools

icon_news.gifNews - 22nd February 2010

Modus has today launched a special offer of a site license for secondary schools. Running until the end of April 2010, this special offer means even more money can be saved using Powerwise.

Modus signs distribution in ANZ

icon_news.gifNews - 5th January 2010

Modus have signed Sydney based distributor OZDeploy Pty as sole distributor for Powerwise in Australia and New Zealand.

Copenhagen summit 2009

icon_news.gifNews - 7th December 2009

The eargerly awaited Copenhagen summit 2009 (COP15) starts today. To follow what the world is going to do to impact on climate change follow everything that is reported.

Pressure mounts for IT inclusion in Copenhagen agreement

icon_news.gifNews - 27th November 2009

The IT industry will be mentioned in the draft climate treaty that will form the basis for negotiations at next month's UN summit in Copenhagen....

Modus signs up to 10:10

icon_news.gifNews - 2nd September 2009

The new 10:10 campaign aims to encourage companies and individuals alike to commit to cutting their CO2 emissions by 10% during 2010.

End of summer term special offer for schools

icon_news.gifNews - 1st July 2009

Cut energy costs by £1000s - start benefitting now, but don't pay until the new school year in September.

Modus signs agreement with Enta

icon_news.gifNews - 6th May 2009

The appointment of Enta Technologies is part of Modus Interactive’s ongoing expansion program and reseller recruitment initiative, in order to further establish the Modus Interactive and Powerwise brands in the marketplace.

Powerwise 2009 released

icon_news.gifNews - 20th April 2009

Modus have launched the latest version of their award winning power management software; Powerwise. With a host of new features the latest version aims to further enhance the experience for companies that want to reduce costs and emissions associated with PC power usage.

Power management could save thousands

icon_news.gifNews - 9th February 2009

Organisations could save over $40,000 (£27,000) a year in energy costs by employing power management functionality, according to research from Gartner released today.

Mayor Boris threatens to "shame" City's green laggards

icon_news.gifNews - 7th January 2009

Firms told to get on board with London's environmental schemes or risk appearing on a "non-green 300" list.

Support Earth Hour

icon_news.gifNews - 27th March 2009

This year Earth Hour has been transformed into the world's first global election, between Earth and global warming. Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming.

IT admins need to power down PCs

icon_news.gifNews - 12th December 2008

A report by analyst firm Forrester has concluded that IT managers must manage PCs differently if they are to cut power usage and hit green targets.

Brown announces new department for Climate Change and Energy

icon_news.gifNews - 3rd October 2008

Ed Miliband to head up new department, as business offers a cautious welcome.

Brown hints at tougher carbon targets

icon_news.gifNews - 24th September 2008

Prime minister gives clearest signal yet that he is in favour of an 80 per cent cut in carbon emissions by 2050.

UK CO2 emissions falling?

icon_news.gifNews - 19th September 2008

CO2 emissions have actually fallen across the UK according to new government figures.

CSR reporting made easy

icon_news.gifNews - 21st July 2008

The first online tool that enables companies to understand and dynamically report on their environmental and social footprint in real-time.

Carbon Trust unveils new scheme to reward real carbon reductions

icon_news.gifNews - 24th June 2008

CT have launched a new standard which they claim is the first to exclude carbon offsetting when measuring the reduction of a company's carbon footprint.

Brits keen to go green

icon_news.gifNews - 28th April 2008

Workers in the UK believe that thier companies could be doing much more towards making their workplaces more eco friendly.

No one cares about green IT

icon_news.gifNews - 23rd April 2008

IT'S JUST AS we suspected. UK IT managers couldn't give a reboot about green IT.

IT departments shunned by firms' green initiatives

icon_news.gifNews - 22nd April 2008

The role of IT in cutting energy use and carbon emissions is being ignored by many firms seeking to cut their environmental effects, according to a new survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Powerwise reviewed in PCW magazine

icon_news.gifNews - 17th April 2008

The June issue of PCW Magazine is on the shelves today and in the business section there is a review of Powerwise. The independant review awards Powerwise the prestigious PCW Business Recommended logo.

Gartner urges firms not to shelve their green ambitions

icon_news.gifNews - 4th April 2008

Analysts Gartner has warned firms not to cut back on green PC initiatives under the misguided belief that they are saving money by doing so.

Modus launch PC power saving software

icon_news.gifNews - 05 February 2008

Aimed at cutting businesses’ energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint, Powerwise enables centralised management of all PCs within a business, allowing ‘power profiles’.

UMS 2008 feature spotlight: Collections

icon_news.gifNews - 31 January 2008

UMS 2008 has updated and expanded upon the “Filters” functionality which allowed console users to find computers based on a number of standard search criteria. In its place Collections provide an intuitive and powerful way to create virtual groups.

Further increases in Electricity prices

icon_news.gifNews - 11 January 2008

UK businesses are being urged to prepare for energy price hikes of between 15 and 20 per cent over the next six months after Npower confirmed that it increased business tariffs alongside last week's price rises for domestic customers.