1. What is Powerwise?

2. Can I get a free trial

3. How do I buy Powerwise?

4. What discounts are available?


1. What systems are supported?

2. How do I install Powerwise?

3. How do I install the agent?

4. How do I activate my Powerwise licenses?

5. How do I refresh my Powerwise licenses?

6. In the management console one of my desktop's status is showing a yellow warning triangle and reporting System Standby Disabled. Why is this?

7. Why can't I just use settings in the operating system to control power.

How to

1. Can I run one off tasks that do not interfere with my Powerwise Profiles?

2. Can one off tasks be scheduled?

3. How do I use different Profiles for different computers?

4. Is there an easy way to manage groups of computers?