Powerwise features

Easy to use, this tool really could help cut power bills
Alan Stevens, PCW Magazine

Enterprise central control

Run the console from anywhere on the network to manage the Powerwise profiles and computers, and centrally deploy the agent. Integrates with Active Directory for security, deployment and policies. See and control in real-time the power state of a computer and its devices. Can hide Powerwise notifications.

Flexible Profile Schedules

Create profiles according to the time of day and days of the week, and implement more aggressive savings schemes during ‘out of office hours’. Scheme changes allow profiles to reflect the demands and usage of computers in your organisation. Schedule events such as wakeup and shutdown.

Comprehensive Wakeup

Use wakeup features to ensure computers available for use at start of day and maintenance windows. Adaptive wakeup technology learns when your computer is used & wakes up before its needed. Web wakeup allows remote access to offline computer. Wakeup proxy technology when routers fail Wakeup broadcast. Automatically detect Intel vPro and use where available- fallback to Wake-On-Lan.


Generate detailed reports with: high idle times, Powerwise events and savings counters, per computer per day reports. Calculate per computer or profile energy usage.  Real-time count of computers On/Idle/logged off times.

User notifications

Optionaly inform users when power saving is going to occur and allow the user to cancel. Per PC information can be displayed to show the user how much they are contributing in terms of energy savings.

features at a glance

  • Centralised management
  • Profile schedules
  • Dynamic computer groups
  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Adaptive wakeup technology
  • Web wakeup
  • Away and Keep Alive modes
  • Intel vPro support
  • Maintenance window
  • Detailed reports
  • 3 month proven R.O.I.
  • Award winning
  • Active directory integration

screenshot of Profile Schedule
screenshot of Computer Properties/Power Status
Realtime Status
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June 2008
Intel vPro
Intel vPro