Go Green

Making savings on energy bills gives the added benefit of reducing emissions, leading to an immediate improvement in ‘Green’ credentials. These ‘Green’ credentials of businesses both large and small are of increasing importance to customers, and as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities are becoming main stream issues for businesses.

Although the UK Government has had varied success at achieving it's targets for country wide emission reductions, it has always set targets in line or in excessive of those laid down by the Kyoto Protocol. Even still the National Energy Foundation and the Carbon Trust estimate that at present office equipment consumes around 15% of total business power, with a predicted growth to 30% by 2020.

Whether PCs are left on through habit or even for IT maintenance, a standard PC with an LCD monitor will cost in excess of £60.00 per year in electricity which is the equivalent of almost half a metric tonne of CO2. Using centralised power management provided by Powerwise companies can cut this cost by over half.

Powerwise can help you obtain the Carbon Trust Standard