Powerwise in Education


Controlling Classroom Technology

It’s no secret that in Education every penny counts, and finding ways to maximise how money is spent in schools is always a top priority. Ever increasing energy prices make this expense a key focus for most schools, but with Powerwise you can start to cut costs and start saving money in energy bills.

  • Automated power management
  • Save energy costs
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Education discounts available

With the wide spread use of curriculum management systems, the use of technology in presenting lessons, and most importantly with ICT on the national curriculum, PCs are now a part and parcel of every senior school in the country. Getting control of the energy used to run these PCs, whether its 50 or 500, can produce significant reduction in costs.

Through a central management console Powerwise offers you automated control over the power saving settings of your PCs, including when they should be powered down, whether due to inactivity or time of day.

We are just so impressed that something so user friendly cannot only save us on energy costs, but can also contribute to the eco culture that is so strong in school
Mrs Duncan, Head, Sunbury Manor School