Hotdesk computers
Schools, hospitals and corporates with hot desk areas can use Powerwise to shutdown computers when no one is logged on for a set time, or to logoff/hibernate the user when they have been inactive for a set period of time.

Kiosk computers
Information systems, or kiosk computers that are typically left running 24 hours a day can be included in your emissions reduction program with Powerwise.  Profiles tailored to these computers can have standby functions removed, but the computers shutdown while out of office hours.

Computer maintenance
IT departments can use Powerwise to ensure all necessary computers are automatically powered on at a specific time out-of-hours, to ensure maintenance such as virus updates/security and hotfixes etc are applied, then turn them off again.

Usage history
Powerwise console and reports can be used to identify computers that are not utilised, and perhaps decommission them.

User buy in to CSR
Powerwise features allow a computer user to know how much their computer has been on/off and/or idle.  This allows individuals to take ownership of their computers energy usage and encourage greener practices.