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OS deployment solutions are by their nature complex products.  Where other products deliver a toolkit on which to build a solution that requires months of development and training to understand, UMS brings simplicity.  By providing predefined templates you can be deploying Operating Systems within minutes in your organisation. These templates are easy to maintain and provide a single source hardware independent deployment solution.

UMS also allows you to deliver solutions the way you want to, without forcing the use of any specific technique. This flexibility allows UMS to compliment any existing deployment solutions your organisation may have developed, adding the management and ease of delivery UMS excels at.

PXE technology enables the provisioning of ‘bare-metal’ hardware. Furthermore, PXE combined with Wake-On-LAN (WOL) technology allows for true zero touch deployments even when hardware is switched off.

Application Deployment
The Intelligent Install component of UMS provides a simple yet powerful tool which supports both legacy applications and the Microsoft Windows Installer environment. The tight integration with Windows Installer means Intelligent Install is one of the few Application delivery tools that can deliver ”Managed Installations”. 

Data migration
UMS uses industry standard technology to enable the backup and restore of user data and settings as part of a migration process. This empowers you to carry out a hardware migration knowing you can backup the user data before hand, and restore it again onto the new hardware. 

Application Deployment

Asset Management
UMS collects and stores a variety of hardware and software information.This can be viewed in summary, or on an individual machine basis in the management console. Alternatively the data can be exported and used in the production of management reports.

Helpdesk Support
The management console gives the operator access to an array of useful hardware and software information, all of which can assist in resolving user issues. Some of the functions you can run remotely from the console to further enhance end user support include, process management, event log management, and remote takeover.


Power management
Creating power management profiles in UMS ensures that computers are turned off (or in hibernation) when they are not required. When machines need to be on for security updates or patches, scheduled  ‘wakeup’ and ‘shutdown’ tasks can be run therefore allowing this maintenance to be carried out at times convenient to the user.

The amount of money that can be saved just by ensuring and enforcing the correct level of power management is staggering. This is especially true when you start to add the indirect cost reductions such as, increased hardware life, and reductions in components such as air conditioning. As an important by product you will also be making significant reductions in your CO2 emissions.

Powerwise Profile

Secure Management Console
UMS is managed from a secure console that can be installed and run from anywhere on the network. There is even a built in ‘quick run’ feature that allows the management console to be run without installation. 

Regardless of whether local or Active Directory security is used for authentication, further granularity of control is provided by the definition of roles when using the management console. This means the right people have the right access to the appropriate management controls.

UMS Management Console

Powerful Task scripts
Power users can further extend the features of UMS. Advanced automation and bespoke management tasks can be created using the enhanced extensible scripting capabilities. Tasks, management and reporting features can be customised from existing tasks and scripts or new ones created as needed, which can run either server and/or client side. This allows UMS to provide both power and flexibility.